Change comes HOPE

With change comes Hope. Hope of a little girl becoming everything she is meant to be. Nutrition is important to being your best. Research shows that with out the right nutrition people are moody, act out in anger, sleep more and have more health issues. With these facts the choice to have a g tube...

Love today's report.

Love today’s report.

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Today I took Gracelyn to see Dr Wilson. She is the rehab Doctor that we love and knows believes in our sweet girl. She has seem Gracelyn before she was walking. Will there Dr Wilson explained that she liked the way Gracelyn is beating the odds. She also talked about how she feels that our [&hellip

Holding Strong to Yes

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God says in His word, ask and you shall receive. How many times you questioned if God really listens to what we ask? Could it be that The God of Heaven and earth wants one thing form us? God wants us to comment with a full heart, saying yes to him and his plan. Is [&hellip

Rose and thorns

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I would like to start by saying to our faithful followers. THANK YOU! Gracelyns Journey with Schizencephaly has not been all smooth. It’s been more like a Rose with thorns. Rose: sweet smiling and brings joy. Thorns: they come out when you think you got them all removed. Schizencephaly has been no different then that [&hellip