Gods Timing

Lisa Lee | Adoption
14 Nov 2010

As most of you know by now that we are On a Journey of Adoption.  Adoption has all ways been a subject of discussion between Josh and I.   We Felt God telling us back in 2009 to prepare our home for another child.  We at the time did not fully understand or even comprehend how this would happen.  Let just say that our house was going to need a major change to be able to be ready for more people.  So Josh and I started to explore many options and found a  solution.  In December they started to demo on our up stairs.  When they finished our home it went from two bedrooms to three bedrooms.  Shortly after that we started looking into the different paths that where out there to bring another LIFE into our Home.  Many doors closed along the way, to where We are today.

That brings us to GOD’S timing and how amazing it truly is.   Several months ago we sat in church as Pastor Sam Hine from The Gathering Place in Sanford, Fl spoke to our church.  He Prayed for favor over the church and its people.  Since that day we have had many things happen in our life that could only be God breathed.  One of those being our Home study.  If you have ever inquired about a home study you know the price, time line and things that must line up to complete this step in the Journey.  In the Middle of September I started calling around to find a agency that would do a home study that could be released.  That became challenging since in the DFW area there where only one.  I started praying and asking around.  We where given many options that did not pan out.  So We keep praying for answers.  Several days later I heard a voice in my quite time say contact an agency I will not name at this time.  I did not act on it at first.  Finally I bring myself to call, I explained our need and the lady on the other line who explained she could give my the number of a Licensed Social Worker that work independently.  I wrote down the info and once again prayed and waited.  I finally contacted the LSW for information.  After getting references and calling them, we moved forward with setting up the Home study.   She came to start the process on October 9th.  God has lined things up in ways I don’t understand.  We got our fingerprints back in 3 business days, Background checks came back in record time, our references rallied to finish their part and as of this Thursday we finished the physical part of the Home study.  Our LSW is working hard to get us our Home study no later then the First week in December.  We will be moving into the next Journey of Giving Life.

Prayer Request:

1. We still need to complete the Founding part.

2. For favor along the Remainder of the Adoption Journey

3. God’s timing Must of All