Thought from my Heart

Lisa Lee | Adoption
30 Oct 2010

As many of you know that Joshua and I have been working our way through the Journey of Adoption. That alone has brought me to ask myself many questions. One that keeps coming up is the expectations I have of myself and how they effect the people around me. Knowing that I am my worse critic, I have been spending more time focusing on loving on others. My heart has always been to help those in need. This week, that has become more and more my passion as those close to us are faced with challenges.

I find myself asking “What does LIFE mean to Me?” That answer has many meanings to me personally. It involves letting GOD truly form my Heart daily. Walking through this Journey of Adoption I see that God will is for all us to experience ADOPTION. You might now be saying adoption is not for me. The fact is that when you stepped into a relationship with CHRIST you experienced Life through adoption. Life through adoption is about opening you heart and home to a child. The fact is it is much more then even that. It is about loving the hurting and wounded that gave that Child the Life. During this time I know one thing for sure that when you feel like there is no more to give, thats when God places worries around you to fight for you.