What is your challenge?

Joshua Lee | Adoption
4 Dec 2011

A challenge by definition is to confront or defy something boldly. God challenges His people all the time. He challenges us to reach out to someone we may have never known. He challenges us to step out in faith to move without knowing the destination, job, or a place to live.

My challenge was to address my family’s debt and have funds available to move at anytime to give a child(ren) a home. He’s challenged me to be a role model and disciple to children, teaching them about our Lord and Saviour.

The interesting thing about challenges is that some challenges are not intended to be fore-taken alone. They sometimes require us to rely on others to help us; financial blessings, clothing, food, time…

I know some people don’t feel compelled to help us. That’s ok. I’m not sharing this to judge, that’s between you and God. I am going to set a challenge for everyone that reads this message, support adoption in some way. Be it helping someone with an adoption grant, giving a foster family support through the donation of clothes and toys, helping a family adopt a child before they are submitted to state care or blessing an orphan at a local foster home. They need to see the grace of God in their lives and those small gifts are forms of discipleship as much as going to a third-world country to feed the hungary.

Happy holidays everyone and blessings to you all.