We are building a Home

That’s right we are building and buying a home. We have been in Colorado since 2012. As rent rises and finding an appointment that fits our needs gets harder. We know that it is time to find a place to settle down. It is time to make Colorado truly home. We are building a home [&hellip...

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By Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome

In our home Grace is given often. It is not without that grace that we continue to make it Day to day. As the Day comes to an end. I reflect on what World Cerebral Palsy Day means in our life. We know the term Cerebral Palsey meant long before we Adopted Gracelyn. But little [&hellip



By Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Photos, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome

Dream is what our Girl does. She is never let her Brain Damage stop her from dreaming big.  The truth is she has found a happy place in her dreams.  That is way is is so fitting that she would Dream of far away places and adventures that would never end…. Joshua and I have [&hellip



By Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Funds, Photos, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome

Anixeity manifest different in everyone.  So learning the signs is key to helping your love ones and friends.  Mayo Clinic says it’s “A mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities.” In the US alone there is over 3 million cases reported. [&hellip