We are building a Home

That’s right we are building and buying a home. We have been in Colorado since 2012. As rent rises and finding an appointment that fits our needs gets harder. We know that it is time to find a place to settle down. It is time to make Colorado truly home. We are building a home [&hellip...

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Home Study Preparation

Home Study Preparation

By Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds, New Addition

To prepare for our Home study is much different here in Colorado. One we are currently Renting. The unknown of how long we will be at this apartment is unknown. We do know that if we get a boy we would need three bedrooms. We know going into this Home study we want special needs. [&hellip

Big Change is Coming.

Big Change is Coming.

By Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, New Addition, Welcome

Anyone that has known us for any length of time knows that we have a heart for children. You also know that Adoption is a big part of are story. In the last 6 months we have been asked to adopt or be ask to find families for Children with Schizencephaly. We would move forward [&hellip

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

By Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, From a Mommy's Heart, New Addition, Welcome

Happy Mothers day! May 13, 2012 is a mothers day that is full of mixed emotions. I would like to start by saying Thank you to my MOM. You know that GOD had BIGplans for me. You have for believing in me ever when I felt that I was not the best. I could go [&hellip