We said it!

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds, Welcome
4 Feb 2013

If you had told us that Joshua and I where going to need people to step on board and walk this Journey of life. We would have told you that we would be fine. WOW we where wrong. Yes I said it we need people to walk this journey with us. We are in need of some people who can step up. This journey we call life is a little crazy, fun and even scary at times.

As we travel this Journey of life we give God the medical diagnosis that come our way. We even give him the tears that we cry. We have given him our dreams, so he can make them his own. In recent days we have Come to a place where the budget has gotten tighter and the only person to trust is God. Our strength is found only in Him.

You might be asking how you can team with us on this Journey?

1. Please pray for us… Health, financial blessing, and guidance.

2. Joshua and I need people to step up and give us brakes. A chance to go on a Date, take care of personal needs without kids in hand, etc.

3. Pray we can find a bigger home. So we can expand our family. Budget is important.

4. Pray how God would want you to help.

Joshua and I want to be our best. We know God is calling us to BIG things. We as a Family Pray we are always used of Him.