Coat of many colors

Lisa Lee | Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Funds
16 Jul 2013

When the passion for quilting Started. I was in college. At that time I never know that something that helped release stress, could have such meaning.

The thing is I have been studying The Coat Of Many Colors. It is a impacting story. In the Hebrew Bible, the coat of many colors (Hebrew: כְּתֹנֶת פַּסִּים‎ kethoneth passim) is the name for the garment that Joseph owned. Many dispute the maening of the coat of many colors.

Have you ever thought that maybe the “coat of many colors” was a coat placed together of scraps of fabric? Or maybe it had been faded by the sun? Either way there was a reason for his brothers to be jealous of him. Did they know who he would become?

Doing this study I did note one thing. Everything about the coat was one of a kind. It singled Joseph apart from others, his brother for one. The coat was a form of protection. It was different then your normal coat. It was placed on a boy that would change the world. Every quilt that I have made though the years has been hand picked. Put together in love. They have covered the sick, been given as a thank you for saving my life and given away once we meet a financial need. No matter the reason for a quilt I want to impact the world like Joseph.