adopt to expand our family

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Welcome
14 Nov 2011

Last night Joshua and I had the chance to talk to the sweetest couple.  They desire to have children and there Journey has brought them to adoption.  As we talked the need for support and understanding became so clear.  People have great intonations by what they say and do.  The thing is that many times couple on the other side of the infertility battle want to be happy for other who are having babies.  They really do want to be happy.  The problem is they can don’t have the chance to experience the miracle of a life growing in there womb or even giving birth.   There Life- Long Dreams are changing.  Women grow up dreaming of being a mother someday.  When that Dream does not go as planed, everyone handles it different.  Please remember that for some it is just Dreams Changing and for others it is a dream shattered to many pieces.  Some days might be better then other and then they might be walking though the motions.

Adopt is  to expand our family, But also to expand the kingdom of GOD.