Adoption update

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, New Addition, Welcome
11 Jun 2011



We made it safely to Utah. We missed Gracelyn’s birth by three hours. The drive was long, but worth the lost of sleep.

Once we got her, we checked into the condo. That is a story I will write more about at a later time. We freshened up and drove to the hospital about 35 minutes from the condo. When we got there we met up with our social worker. She informed us that the birth mom wanted us to meet her. We did not know what to expect since she had just given birth.

My breath was taken away when I walked in to Gracelyn’s birth mom’s room. She was gorgeous. Her beauty and spirit. Many times while talking she kept saying “can’t wait for you to meet her”. I kept letting her know it was as much about Gracelyn as it was about her.

The next 22 hours were a blessing. We spent time bonding with Gracelyn. We stepped out for a little while. We left Gracelyn in the hospital nursery. When we came back into the room they set up for us, Gracelyn was in with her birth mom. I never had a worry that she would change her mind. Rest assured, paper signing went fast. We got to see baby’s birth mom one last time before she was discharged to go home. We have pictures of her with us and baby.

Last night was spent at the condo bonding. I can’t wait to get the whole family together.