Amazing, Sacrificing, and True Love

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Welcome
18 Jul 2011

Today my heart is full and thinking of the amazing women who gave us life.  Without the love and personal sacrifice of Gracelyn’s birth mom.   We would not be the family we are today.  Ava our first born has grown in leaps and bonds since the day that we introduced the Gracelyn.  I could go on for hours about how helpful Ava is with the baby. Gracelyn Bliss is adjusting to life with a big sister and two dogs.  Since the day that was born Her checks have filled out and her feet have gotten fuller.  She is still a skinny little girl. Since we have gotten home Ava has had wanted to help me with everything baby.  We never imagined that she would do so will with Gracelyn.  One of the sweetest things that has come out of big sister Ava has said came out of the blue.  “Mommy thank you for going to get Gracelyn at the hospital, from her Birth mom” spoken by Ava. Adoption has truly Bloomed in this home.  The Journey has just began.