My plan or His?

Lisa Lee | Family, Funds, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome
12 Jul 2013

This subject has been spinning around in my heard for months. Trying to find the right words. Seeming to struggle though them. So here it goes.

When we stepped out on the Journey of Adoption we did not know the future. Yes we were open to Gods plan. We said yes to HIS plan and walked it out. We are still walking it out daily. Sometimes doing great at it and other times failing BIG time.

We can say that we are learning from our failures. Still walking one step at a time though this Journey. In recent days I have learned that I can’t look at the impossible, but find a way though the impossible. We are still looking at all solutions that fits best.

If you think we know of Gracelyns Diagnosis at birth I can show you the diagnosis paper work and the diagnosis date. If you can tell me that as a parent you would not try your hardest to give your child the best! Please know that is us. We would challenge her and fight on her be-half.

That fight is showing to be on going and costly. Even as costly as the fight maybe it is worth every penny. It is worth every emotion good and bad.

God will make a way.