Being real with God

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds, New Addition, Welcome
2 Jan 2012

Lord I find myself asking if once again I am pushing your timing or even if I missed the make. I want to grow your kingdom and equally be a parent to children in need. The need to have a child with special needs has never gone away, it just keeps getting stronger. Once again responded to the call and feel that I have brought myself to a place of unknown. You know the need for funds is urgent and I walk in full faith that you have and will provide in your timing. Please know that I will try to walk out your will for my life and try hard to not place myself in unknown places. I saw myself not a mommy of many kids, but loving your children. I will wait in peace knowing you are the master of all things.

Please know that my heart is ready. Now the details are all yours GOD. With every child that pass by and finds another home. I know you have the right child for us.