Lisa Lee | Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Schizencephaly Awareness
8 Jun 2014

Today is a big deal. Yesterday I was reflecting on what we have been told. What should be and not be. I still remember that day that we got the call that placed me in a packing frenzy. The 27 hour drive into the unknown. Those are just some of the emotions that rush though my head.

It was June 8th 2011 that we where in the lower middle part of Wyoming and received the photo that changed everything.

My heart could not get to her fast enough. My emotions where every where. I can still remember meeting Gracelyns birth mom. Holding Gracelyn for that first time. I remember thinking I was going to brake her will giving her that first bath.

Fast forward to that warm Texas Day.

The day that we meet with the Neurologist. The day I learned the word Schizencephaly. Not knowing any more then what the Doctor could till me. She was not hopeful. She told me that we would be luck to have 3-7 years with our Beautiful girl.

Fast forward to June 8, 2014

The day has arrived for the WORLD to Celebrate. Gracelyn is here. She is growing and thriving. She turns three to day. It’s all celebrate.