Change comes HOPE

Lisa Lee | Family, Funds, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome
7 Nov 2013

With change comes Hope. Hope of a little girl becoming everything she is meant to be. Nutrition is important to being your best. Research shows that with out the right nutrition people are moody, act out in anger, sleep more and have more health issues. With these facts the choice to have a g tube placed in our baby girls tummy became more clear over time.

She will have to go though a GI appointment and on Friday November 8, 2013. This is to help insure that the Surgeon is placing the Mini g tube in the right place. We feel that God has directed us to the right surgeon.

This afternoon we meet with the state worker that will be handling getting Gracelyn filed for the Medicaid wavers that will best fit her condition. These wavers will help in covering needed care. As to how long the wavers will take to go active is still in question. The Good news is that she qualifies for two different wavers. With that we give it to God and wait. Thank you for loving us though this time.

This is a sample of a Mini button and feeding tube