Cloth diapering 101

Lisa Lee | Family, Welcome
4 Nov 2011

Cloth diapering 101

Let’s start with the different types of cloth diaper options. You have many options. Pre-fold, pockets, all-in-ones and the hybrid. They also come in options such as sized or fitter, and one sized. You are probably all ready confused. Give me a chance to explain something’s.

I will start by talking about the good old faithful choice of using a pre-fold. Your basic pre-fold is made of cotton. To CD (coth diaper) with pre-folds you need a few basic things. You need 24 pre-folds which will last you about 2 days. Next you need 6-8 covers, there are many brands to choice from so don’t worry you can find something you like. Covers are not limited, they come in alpix and snap so that everyone can find that closure they love. Last thing you will want is Snappi ( a T shaped fastner). The Snappi is used to fasten the pre-fold together. Not everyone uses a Snappi, some use pins and others choice to fold the pre-fold into the cover.

Ok so let’s start making this a little easier. Let’s explore the pocket diaper. Your pocket diaper is just what it says, a diaper with a pocket. The outer lining of the pocket is made of a waterproof fabric and a stay dry lining inside. The pocket is designed to hold a insert. The insert is made of several different materials. Most common insert is a micro fiber. You can also find hemp and bamboo. Theses two options I feel will absorb more.

Now we move to my favorite diaper. The all-in-one is just as it says. Easy to use and easy to wash. The diaper is made with a waterproof outer lining and organic cotton or bamboo built in insert. AIO diapers can also have a snap in insert. If you are looking for easy breeze as I call it, try starting with an AIO.

Last of all are the Hybrid. The hybrid is a cloth diaper that Needs a cover. The insert is different in all of them. The flip system has a cover and two types of inserts. You can get organic pre-fold or microfiber with a stay dry side. There are other brands which call them selves hybrids. Those I am still learning more about.

Make sure you get 24-28 diapers which will last you about 2 days. You will also need a wetbag designed for cloth diapers. Cloth diapering can be fun and rewarding. Hope to hear your opinion on choosing Fluff (cloth diaper) for your babies bum.