Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds, Welcome
22 Feb 2011

There are many ways to create a family.  What way have you started or expanded your Family?  Some of you might have gone the conventional way, IVF treatments, Hormone therapy, or walking the Journey of adoption.  For some families, this might be a combination of more then one method.  The way you plan to start a family is not always the Way GOD has it planned for your Life.

Joshua and I talked about kids from day one.  We know that having kids the conventional way might not be in our cards.  We gave it to God to lead us through the Journey of Parenthood.  We where Blessed to find out that we were pregnant with Ava on our first anniversary.  The next nine months were filled with many roller coasters as we prayed and followed Doctors orders to get Ava to the 35th week of pregnancy.  Once she was born, the joy of motherhood was everything and more.  We talked about the dream of someday having another child.  As time went on Joshua and I know that the option of me getting pregnant would be riskier the second time around.  By the beginning of 2009 we were exploring the option of adoption.  God told us to get out of financial and medical debt before we went forward.

At the end of 2010 we started our home study.  By the middle of January we started applying to agencies.  Knowing that God would provide our every need as we walked though the Journey of Adoption, we got the news that we were matched with a birth mom.  She is due to give Birth on February 23rd.  The agency fees and legal cost will total $21,000.  We have paid all the preliminary cost and saved $9,000 of the total.  We still need $12,000.  We are expecting to see everything work out and to show his glory shown.  We are eager and ready to Bring our son Home.