Fight the fight

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Welcome
15 May 2011

My heart cry’s out for those who say they don’t have strength to fight their fight. I have been many times this weekend told what Joshua and I are doing is brave. It also follows with why do you keep trying? We don’t think of it that way. We look at as if we are fighting for the children without a voice. If you are the out there feeling that you have no more fight, bring yourself back to the dream that brought you to your fight.

Joshua and I have always wanted to adopt. If you had told me that my heart would break in way that it has over the last months, I can’t say that I would have ever walked out in faith. That word FAITH is what has keeper us strong. During these times I have had to place my heart and the dreams that brought us to this fight in HIS hands. The healing of many wounds that have come from broken promises and hateful words are for OUR Heavenly father to battle for me.

Please know that if you are feel you are at the end of our fight we would love to pray for you daily.