Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome
7 Oct 2017

In our home Grace is given often. It is not without that grace that we continue to make it Day to day.

As the Day comes to an end. I reflect on what World Cerebral Palsy Day means in our life. We know the term Cerebral Palsey meant long before we Adopted Gracelyn. But little did we know we would live the challenges of it on our daily life.

As a mom I know GOD had chosen me to be a mom to a special needs child. I also know it would happen though adoption. So when the day came for Joshua and I to start the adoption process we did not put limits on what type of child we would be willing to take and love. We said yes when situation came are way. Yet I truly believe God kept closing the doors. With each closed Door God reminded me, I know the child that will bless you and your family. Little did we know that we would have the chance to be parents to a little girl, with fight and a well to overcome what life throws her way.

Parents of children with Schizencephaly, Cerebral Plasy and other disabilities don’t hate me for saying this.

Schizencephaly is the best thing we have been blessed by. It has given us a chance to learn what pure LOVE is. With Gracelyn she has no limit to who or how she loves. I might feel like I am going crazy somedays with doctors appointments and therapies. But without Schizencephaly and Gracelyn life is normal. I don’t want to go back to normal. So on the day that people all over the World spread awareness for Cerebral Palsy. I am honored to have a daughter who fights the challenge she has been given.