Gracelyn is Wonderfully Made

Lisa Lee | Family, Welcome
25 Jan 2012

Today’s appointment with the neurologist gave use answers to the MRI done on Monday. As many of you know Gracelyn has lost of the right side. It was thought to be Cerebral Palsy. Her MRI confirmed it is not what they thought. Today the neurologist went over all of the findings.

Gracelyn has Schizencephaly. To best describe this in simple terms. It is when her brain did not fuse together in the womb. Causing a large defect involving the left temporal and posterior frontal. It is open lipped, extending to the left lateral ventricle. You are probably asking what does this mean for the long haul.

Where we go from here. Will that question is open for change. We do know that the best thing we can do for her is stay proactive in her care. We currently will help her regain the use of her right side though physical and occupational therapy. Even with therapy there are many unknowns. The doctor warned us of the worst. Joshua and I know that we serve a GOD will restore and be Glorified thought this.

Please feel free to share. Prayer is needed.