Heart is torn

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds
17 Sep 2011

Tonight my heart is truly torn. I write with a heaviness that comes as Joshua and I have once again been faced with the choice of if it time to start the journey of adoption.

When you answer “Yes” to the call of God you never know the path he will take you. We said yes to adoption July 2010. We only had 9k dollar and a welling heart. We trusted God to provide the way. We feel that providing children a forever home is are mission field. As the financing was provided God, also provide us with the perfect match.

Since bringing our precious little Gracelyn home we have been faced with the decision as to when to step out in faith. The journey of adoption is never been a hard one. It was not hard to know that the call to start the journey 3 weeks ago was not the time. Which brought me to the question of when is the time God planned for us the step into the Adoption journey? One thing holding us back would be having the adoption fees.

This week we got a email from our loved adoption consultant asking some questions about finalization of Gracelyn’s adoption. I answered the questions. Never imagining that the agency she works for would have want us to pray about a situation. We would need many details to be worked out by the first of November. We would ask everyone to join with us in prayer.

Current needs:
1. Clarity on his timing.
2. Completion of adoption fees. ($15k. $7500 by November 1st).
3. That God’s will be done.