Holding Strong to Yes

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds, Schizencephaly Awareness
3 Dec 2013

God says in His word, ask and you shall receive. How many times you questioned if God really listens to what we ask? Could it be that The God of Heaven and earth wants one thing form us?

God wants us to comment with a full heart, saying yes to him and his plan. Is it easy to comment to the yes and trust him 100%? No it is not easy. Some days my be easy and seem as though the world is on your side. Then the storm hits and it takes everything in your to Trust your maker. The thing is when you stay to your YES God shows up in a way that only he can. That is the promise to hold to.

We are in a Storm, that is Gods to calm. We our facing a financial storm. Since finding out Gracelyn’s diagnosis with Schizencephaly the medical needs have grown. With that comes the weekly copays, cost not covered by insurance and so on. Our out of pocket Costs for 2013 to date is $20,000. These cost will be much greater in 2014. So walking in faith and holding strong to Yes is important.

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