How does the Person take it???

Lisa Lee | Family, Welcome
30 Oct 2013

For sometime God has been steering my heart. As our family and others we know have been the focus of what has been called teasing. The problem is weather it is teasing or said out of truthful feelings. It is hurting. It is not uplifting in the storm. The path that parents and caregivers walk with loved ones that our disabled is not a road to be taken lightly.

Everyday we have maybe our last day with our loved ones with Disabilities. We are not promised tomorrow. Know that speaking word that attach, joke of things they can’t do, not learning how their disability effects them could destroy them or those who love them. They even may make choices that you do not understand. Unless you have been there be for warned. That this will destroy relationships and create a wall that will cause them to avoid or stay away.

The Bible as written in James says “And the tongue is a fire! The world of unrighteousness, the tongue, is set among our members, defiling the whole body and setting on fire the course of human existence, being set on fire by hell”. (James 3:6 LEB)