If we had for seen the Future

Lisa Lee | Family, Welcome
21 Apr 2013

This time last Year we were packing up the first house we bought. We had our first biological baby there. That home was part of our roller coaster ride though adoption. The home at 653 Harvest Hill St in Lewisville Texas was the home that welcomed Gracelyn to our family in June of 2011.

In 2012 Joshua and I decided that we needed to move closer to family and a place that could give Gracelyn the care she needs. The choice to move to Colorado seemed to make sense.

Had we seen what the future would hold, we would have still moved. We just would have done a lot of things different. Joshua and I would have handled the sale of our home different. To be truthful we would have come before hand to look for a place to stay. We are thankful for my parents who let us live with them for a short time.

Had you told me that being myself would create a deeper valley between a family member. I am not sure I would have ever walked this path. That being said, we know we did the right thing by following Gods Plan HERE.

Since moving, God has given us a family though our Church that not only loves us but blesses us is in ways we have never felt. They have truly stepped in when we need it most. THANK YOU Grace Community Church.

You might by asking where my parents are when we need help. The answer to that question is easy. They work with MAPS RVers. So they our gone 8-9 months of the year traveling. They help the 3-4 that they are here.

No matter what the future holds from here. We know that God is in it.