Letting God work inside

Lisa Lee | Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Welcome
2 Nov 2013

I have been spending a lot of time. Looking at the inside. To see the person I am. Though this search I have found that many things hold me back. I have learned to live with out cable TV. I have come to know that not having lots of cloths and shoes limits my choices and opens my eyes to what is important.

My life has been blessed and I never want to forget that. Most of all I never want to live in want. I have Dreams that I Give to God daily. I have dreams for my kids. But learning that they are much different then the plan God has for them. I am ok with God changing my Plans. The truth is that every time I let him change my plans or Dreams they are worth everything.

I feel change coming. Also know that with change I will face those that embrace it and those that don’t. It has taken many tears and great heartache to understand that I can’t make everyone happy with what is right for me and my family.

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Joshua, Lisa, Ava and Gracelyn Lee
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