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Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds, Welcome
21 Sep 2011

Many people have asked way adopt if you don’t have the Adoption vs. Have your own?

The answer is simple.  Adoption has always been in my heart.  Since 16 years old I have struggles with Polycyclic Ovary syndrome and Endometriosis for many years.   We were blessed with our daughter Ava.  When she was 2 years old the pain was more then I could have bared.   I went to a new doctor and with much searching it was found that the endometriosis had moved into my uterus.  Bringing me to the decision to have a total hysterectomy.

Why Adopt agian?

Joshua and I feel that God has opened up our Heart to help the unborn find forever homes.  We feel we can not be prolife with out acting it out.

Why Ask for Financial Help?

We believe that living a lifestyle that reflects Gods word.  We also live by the Dave Ramsey debt free – cash only lifestyle.  Dave Ramsey promotes a book on how to do adoption debit free.

Current Situation

We have gotten a call for an agency that has a Birth mom Due January.  We have to be prepared to give an answer by the first of November.  The choice to choose life is not the hurdle.  The hurdle that we face is coming up with the adoption fees.  Joshua and I know that God has our next child hand picked.  For use to move forward with this situation we will need $15,000 which  includes travel.

We will be holding our 2nd annual Garage sale.  Items are still needed. Please feel free to contact me for pick up or drop off.  You can also donate though the donate bottom to the right.  I will also give the profit from Create Life Boutique.  Remember that we our thankful for everyone that gives to a unborn life.