Need Prayer.

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family
24 May 2011

Warning: Sorry for the random and grammar.


I have to say writing this post is hard.  I never thought I would found myself in this place again.  I should have been able to see it coming.  I really need everyone to pray for a break though.  I hit my breaking point yesterday.  I cant explain everything to you.  The truth is that I trust God to provide my wants and needs.  The want and need that I am struggling with the most is that of wanting to grow our family.   We have walked this process in faith, knowing that God will provide every dollar we would need to bring a baby home.  God has provide the money.  Since then We have been Matched with a Birth mom that Choice to parent.  We last week lost a match of a 6 month old girl.  We also serve a God that can help us come up with the travel cost we lost when we traveled and the Birth mom choice to parent.  I am now working though find closer and searching for the strength to see the Blessing at the end of the wait.  One thing I know is that God has hand picked our baby.  I need everyone to pray for strength.  I know I still serve a mighty GOD.