Opportunities come and go.

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds, Welcome
7 Oct 2011

When it comes to adoption it is not always an easy YES or No. Sometimes you have maybes involved. Since bringing our precious Gracelyn Bliss Lee. We have been faced with two opportunities to start the adoption process over. With each time we where give new things to think about.

Adoption is not something you take lightly. One should start by asking way they want to adopt? This answer will be different for every person. Some people may feel God is calling them, others might not be able to have kids and then one might feel or look at it as a mission field. No matter your reason realize remember are lives that will look to you for everything.

People would ask us along our journey “Why adopt a healthy baby, when there are so many children in foster care?”. For us that answer was easy. How can you stand up and say you are “Pro-Life” and not be willing to open our heart and home to a life saved from abortion. During our journey to Gracelyn we choice to be presented to BIRTH MOMS that were still pregnant and some that felt they could NO longer care for their children. I would have loved them all the same. Looking back GOD know that Gracelyn Bliss Lee was write for our family. FYI Gracelyn’s birth father wanted the pregnancy to be terminated. Her Mom choice life. We found this fact out at the hospital.

Most recently the questions that have been asked are different. We have asked our selves about such things as timing? Is it the right time? We never in our heart felt that we shouldn’t adopt again.

We have been taking the time to really search our heart to see what God desires for us next. As we pray we have been asking God to guide our hearts. Help us be ready for what is to come. Something Joshua and I have been praying hard about is if we should seek a special needs child next. We feel God is preparing our hearts and opening doors. We know that there will be things to learn and obstacles to walk though. But with Him all things are possible. Though it all we will be vessels that God can use. We will need others to help us along the way and support us as we “choice life”.

Prayer needs:
1. Joshua and I that God will show us his timing as to when we should adopt again.

2. All adoption fees will be provided. We are not sure of the cost Yet.

3. Pray that we develope a wonderful support system that can be there in any way that might arise.

We love each and everyone of you.