Overcomer in The Storm

Lisa Lee | Family, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome
29 Sep 2013

Our heart has been heavy about this subject for some time. If you have read our blog for any amount of time you would know that we have faced trails along the way. All in their own unique way.

One of the hardest struggles have been to cut cost. Or people saying that they have knowledge on a subject they don’t or have not lived out.

These are the times that we as a family either fall or grow stronger. We may even have times that we stay away from those that pull us down.

We as a family will overcome any thing as long as God is walking beside us. The four of us will fight for each other no matter the struggle.

We make choices as a family. Many times in life we know that people might not agree with us or even support us along the Journey. This is one of the journeys we need love and support. We are not asking for financial support, even though the medical bills just keep come. We need positive encouragement, prayer and a listening ear. We know God will provide the financial side of it in His time.

What I am about to say might seem hard to swallow. If you are going to judge our life, pocket book or anything else please stay away.