Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Funds
25 Dec 2010

Today the word Redemption keeps coming to my heart.  Which brings me to the question of “What is Redemption?”   The definition says: the act, process, or an instance of redeeming.  With this definition it can be taken in many ways.  I know that personally, redemption is taking on a new meaning everyday.  I always knew or thought I knew the meaning of  redemption as Christ dying for my sins.  But to tell the truth, I don’t think that I truly have ever fully grasped the true meaning.

I can say that with God’s love, I have true Redemption.  Which in return makes me want to work toward giving Redemption to those around me.  I am given this chance daily.  What I do with redemption for others is my choice.  I may not always be perfect at giving redemption, but I can say that in the times when I don’t show redemption is when I personally need it most.  So as I work to be able to ACT WITH REDEMPTION and live with a HEART that does not expect one to live by my expectations but by GODS.  I would Ask you to Pray for Us as we take the Next steps In the Journey of Adoption.

Quick update for those praying for use on this Journey.  We are Home Study Ready and working on application and completing our financing goal of  $6,000.