Schizencephaly is a Journey.

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Schizencephaly Awareness, Welcome
23 Jun 2013

Schizencephaly is a journey. Sometimes with rewards and other times with trials. This journey is not possible without faith and God a long for the journey.

As we face the unknown of the days, months, and years to come. We as a family know that moment small or big is worth rejoicing over.

The truth is my mind sometimes goes to the place that it should not go. That is when I look at the blessings. Thank God for protecting us from what this diagnosis could bring. We also thank God for the family he has brought thought others that walk this journey. We also know that HE is the one who makes it possible to get Gracelyn the Durable Medical Equipment she Needs.

To those that have walk with us and prayed for us we have to say a HUGE THANK YOU. Please keep us in your Prayers as Gracelyn grows and things change from day to day.

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