Sweet and Guarded

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Welcome
9 Sep 2012

The subject I am about to talk about has be a sweet and guarded spot. I am learning to lean on people for assistant.

If you had told me that on October 16, 2007. I was going to have a free-spirted, and beautiful little girl. I would have told you that only God can work that miracle. With her entry into the world, she is perfect in every way.

On that day I gave birth to the child God promised I would have never imagined the blessings that would come my way. Every doctor was wrong, about me never having biological children. God has always placed a desire to have special needs children in my life.

Would imagine that my life would be impacted in the way it has?
Would I trade it for anything?

Back in 2009 when Ava was 18 months old she had her first seizure. At that time not knowing the cause, we were told she would grow out of it. She is soon to turn 5 years old and the seizures still like to show there ugly head. Doctors do not know if they will ever fully go away and I am having to move into a new reality.

Many events brought us to the journey of adoption. Some of those are the true mold that define who we are and our heart.

Gracelyn entered the earth on June 8, 2011. Her birthmother was selfless and lovingly given to our family to care for her. Had we for-scene what we would have found in January 2012. It would not have changed a thing. We still would have adopted her. The love and graduated would still be beyond words for a women that gave her life.

The diagnosis that Gracelyn has, bright light to what God has trusted our hands to care for. With two special need blessings. Life is never dual or boring. More like an adventure that is forever changing or never ending.

With GODS strength I will be the best I can be. I might have days were I would love to just not do it anymore. But then I would be sad and not complete in who God made me.