The Next Step to Progress

Lisa Lee | Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Welcome
18 Sep 2012

Tonight as I lay here in bed writing I am full of emotions. Some random, some that I would call my normal and those emotions that I wish I could just tear up and throw away. I would not have thought that over a year ago I would be ok with the world being able to read and see my most personal emotions. The more I open up, the more I find that there is a healing that comes thought the words I type.

Today has had a level of trust in God that was much like the day we found out the diagnosis that changed our families life. We have been taking Gracelyn to specialist and therapy appointments for the last 7 months. Many times I have wondered if we are doing enough?

Since moving to Colorado we have been taking Gracelyn to Children’s Hospital to see many specialist. The therapy department is been a blessing. They have many helpful suggestions and helped challenge her. They had suggested that we make an appointment with the Rehab department and explore the options of Botox to help with Hemiplegia After meeting with Dr. Wilson and the clinical staff we have a plan for Gracelyn. The first thing that is advised for her is to get her standing on her own. The way they plan to do this is by bracing her right feet. She also agrees that Botox would help her right arm. She wants to wait a little while till we start that. We finished our visit by getting her measured, picking a color pattern and ordering her a foot brace. We are excited to see the progress to come.