The unknown

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, Welcome
13 Jan 2012

The unknown…

When Joshua and I became parents we know that there would always be things we would have to learn as they came. The hardest part of this learning process has been figuring out what is best for our baby girls health. As parents, we don’t want to over react to things and we also don’t want to over look major things. It seems like just yesterday Joshua and I where making choices that impacted Ava’s long term care. As a mom I asked, was there anything I could have done to prevent the mass on her brain. We wanted nothing but the best for our sweet Ava. Knowing that God can protect her thought every thing.

Now as a parents of two beautiful girls we find our selves once again seeking the best care for our baby.

Gracelyn has been a blessing from the moment we laid eyes on her. We started to notice that she was favoring on side more then the other. As we watched her we also noticed that her muscles on her right side are tighter. Her thumb has inverted into her hand. With the loss of movement questions raised as to what might be causing this. The primary doctor said we needed to have Ava’s neurologist check her out. We were not able to get Gracelyn into see him until late February. I said we could see someone else in the office. We saw Dr. Mireles very quickly. She asked many questions and examined our sweet baby to see how she responded to different tests. We have to still get an MRI. From what they can tell us she has a mild case of Ceberal Palsey also known as CP.

The months ahead of us will be long. We will need to help our sweet girl learn to use her right side once again. She has her physical and occupational therapy evaluation on January 21. They’re currently working with our insurance to figure out how much of her MRI will be covered by insurance.

Through everything there has been peace. God has never failed our family and He is not about to now.