Things that make you go Hmmm….

Lisa Lee | Family, From a Mommy's Heart, Welcome
21 Jan 2018

I start this blog by saying a simple statement. Things that make you go hmm….

One my asked me why I start this blog this way? For me it is simple. I have always been blown away by the way people seem to think they know my husband and Myself feelings when it comes to things. The most recent thing is everyone thinks they know why we build a home in Colorado Springs. Yet every comment or reason they give makes me realize that people don’t either know my past or don’t know my husband and I.

So here is the facts. Joshua and I married in 2006. We were not even married a year when we bought our first home. 90 days after closing not only did we find issue after issue with the house, but the worst Financial crisis since the Great Depression occurred. This causing the home we bought to not just be a money pit. It also caused the value of our home to drop more then $40,000 in 3 months. As any person would be we faced the fact that we would now need to make this a home that worked for our Future family.

Fast forward to 2010. We felt God calling us to adopt. So we contacted a contractor to help use modify our house to fit the changing situation. A few months after the remodel was done we got the placement for Gracelyn. We happily moved forward and her adoption was complete. At 7.5 months we found out that Gracelyn was born with Schizencephaly. The out come did not look good. We started therapy soon after. Never did my husbands and I Dream the Medical professional would feel it was best to institutionalize her, yet that was want was suggested. Those words made my husband and myself steam with frustration. We started looking for options for treatment. ANY THING. We wanted to help our girl.

In 2012 we listed our home in Texas. After no offers after 6 months we changed realtor. We also were moving to Colorado to get Gracelyn treatment. The new realtor listed the house and told us that if no bits in 3 months we needed to consider two options. 1. Rent the house. 2. Look-into a short sale. We took the first choice. Rent the house and still has it listed to show. Anyone who has had a rental property knows that is nothing short of a headache. We went with option one until we know longer had the money in our savings to do it anymore. That’s when we had to contact the bank. We need an option. We needed to move on from the house. The bank said you can sale short sale or just give us the keys. They recommended short sale. We prayed hard about this. We know are credit would take a hit. The decision was made to short sell the house.

Over the last few years we have spent lots of time paying off debt and trying to repair our credit. Only with hard work and Gods we’ll have we paid off 90% of the bills we had after the short sale. We have had many fears about buying our own house again. We worried about if our credit would ever be good enough to buy a home? We talked long and hard about the things we would do differently once we could buy again? Would we build or buy preowned. Would we go below what we could afford or buy where we were qualified at?

So as we finally stepped into the process of buying a home, it was not with out caution. We got pre approved for a home loan. We then found a realtor. We looked at homes near My husbands work. We were not welling to max our budget. After rehabbing one house I am not sure I am up to it again. We looked at homes ready to move in and New builds. We went with New build. We hope by being closer to family we will let some relationships heal. We also understand that Josh will be driving. He would have been on the road longer had we bought up north of Denver in the same price point. Also let me set the record straight, my husband loves and want to be with his family. He would have loved to have found a house close to DTC area. But that was not an option in the price we wanted to be spending. So with that know I Personally still have concerns about the unknown.

All I can do is trust God to protect and guide us.