Lisa Lee | Family, Welcome
1 Nov 2011

Tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past.

When two people come together in marriage there are two traditions that merge. One of the hardest things is implementing the two together. One might have to merge the traditions of both sides. Tradition is different for everyone.

You are probably asking why talk about tradition. Well, I was taught that Halloween was a time that people worshipped evil spirits. In years past we would close ourselves in and shun people that don’t even understand the meaning of Halloween. This year we choose to embrace the fact that it was a way to shine our light. We became part of the church fall festival and did not fight Ava when she wanted to wear her dress up out. Through us embracing something that was made to be evil, we where given the chance to invite our neighbors that we have been ministering to for months to church this weekend. They have been hurt by the so called body of Christ. If we were not willing to cross into their world and still hold to the belief that God’s light could shine. We feel that we would be shooting the chance to share God’s love. You can judge us for letting our kids dress up with stuff from home or even visit the neighbors who are giving candy.