Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family
14 Dec 2011

To all the couple/singles out there that are on the Adoption Journey Don’t give up. Remember that God never gives up on us. The human man says if I get nothing back then stop trying. These birth moms are alone, scared, and not sure of the future. Take it from a mom that went to the Dr at 25 weeks and was told she was not going home. We lived 45 minutes on a good day from the hospital. Knowing that My husband was working full time and working on his masters. I already was only getting two- three nights with my man. Around every turn we had a hurdle that would get harder then the next. After 6 weeks of bed rest in the hospital I came home only to have to depend on everyone else once again. I finally had Ava and would say that the journey was not easy, but worth it. I don’t have family here and I did not have family around when I was pregnant. My mom came toward the end of my pregnancy. Many friend visited me while on bed-rest but I still wish that Josh could have been there at ultra sounds, the morning I found out I had gestational diabetes and even the endless hour I spent looking at foreign walls. I can only imagine what these birth moms feel when they move to agency housing to have their baby’s. When they give them to us to love.

On our Journey to adoption we felt much heart brake. Joshua and I Opened our hearts to one birth mom that Really tested loving unconditionally. She promised us a baby and asked for complete openness. Asked for Us to bring Ava for the birth. We drove 26 hrs. We meet BM, BF and some of Birth kids. We left the face to face meeting and walked out unconditional love. The call came and Baby was born. It was time to meet our daughter. Birth mom wanted to say her good byes. We gave her that. The time came to sign the papers and we found out she was need feeling well. The agency guided us to Plan out the next day and they would call once papers where signed. I told Joshua that night that No matter what I will still love Birth mom “C”. The call come and my heart was torn. We then prepared the journey of telling Ava and heading Home. The drive home was not easy. We talked about how God must feel when we brake our promises to him.

In our heart there is a little Girl that we Pray for. We know that God Has every thing planned out. We encourage you to challenge yourself to love Unconditionally.