What’s you choice of diaper

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Family, New Addition
27 Jul 2011

I have been thinking a lot about the choice we made to use cloth diapers aka Fluff. I always thought that using fluff was about saving the good old mighty dollar. With our first daughter Ava we used a one size diaper and loved it. I still used disposable diapers when we would go out. Never really loving that I was filling the landfill still. One thing that was for sure was that I was doing something to help our planet.

I never thought that I would get hooked on putting fluff on a babies bum. With the arrival of Gracelyn I has to say that cloth diapering is changed many points of view. I still use and love one size diapers. I know use the flip system when we go anywhere. That elementing the need for disposable diapers. While at home I use a pocket style one size diaper. As I add the the stash I look forward to finding better and easier options for diapering with fluff. Feel free to shoot me ideas.