Window into the Future

Lisa Lee | Family, Funds
4 Nov 2010

Today has been a real Blessing. One of the Young ladies that I help plan her Wedding Gave LIFE to a sweet and wonderful little boy today. Ava and I got the chance to spend some time with Mommy and baby. When we got there Ava asked to hold Baby Jeremiah. I had to explain to her that she needed to ask Baby Jeremiah’s mommy if she could hold him. His mommy said that she would need to sit and show her that she could be calm. Ava sat in the Big hospital chair for a good 3 minutes, before she ask to hold him again. Baby Jeremiah’s mommy said that would be fine. As I explained to her how to hold him she hang on every word. I then placed his little body into her arms, the joy that filled her body was just a “Window into the Future”. As the day went on that Window into the big sister that My sweet Ava is becoming showed true more and more.