Color Still Matter???

Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart
25 Aug 2012

This weekend has been trying. Over the last 6.5 years of marriage I have never. I mean never faced so much decrimination. I know that marring into a black family I would face some.

This weekend was to be all about my sister in law. Her wedding rehearsal was Thursday. The wedding coordinator some how thought I was just the mom of the flower girls. She seemed never to her or see Joshua and I kissing or talking. She keep saying things to Joshua as if a was not even there. Once she was told who I was she told me that I needed to stay in the back and make sure my girls don’t need to be taken out. I blow her off. Excepted the fact that I would not be sitting with my husband. I keep reminding myself that it was not about me. The then asked me to fill-in for a family member that was not at the rehearsal. They did final announcements and I had a question that was to clarify thinks for the following day. We were told pictures at 2pm and then the announcement was following the wedding. On my way out of the rehearsal I was told that my question needed to be brought up in private. That that point I said ok. Walked away with a not so great mood. By that point I was ready to go home. Not going to happen. Still needed to get to and thought the rehearsal dinner. Needless to say at one point I checked Graceland on a walk so I could get away because I wasn’t going to deal with it any longer.

Today was the day of the wedding. We needed to be at the facility at 2 PM. We got there a little early to get the girls ready get myself ready and once again the i think I’m the greatest coordinator in the world decided she needed to tell me that I didn’t belong in the room with my children. I continue to get the girls read and get myself ready when what would you know once again I am dealing with her again. Well we waited for pictures. Once pictures started I was told I was not to have the girls in the pictures, I did not understand this because still once again I was not sure way we came all the way from Colorado. I had let her know the day before that I was family. So I left it at that and then she had the nerve to make me the mad by sending her assistant over to tell me to move my staff and it needed to either go in the back or he needed to put it in my car. I answered ok nicely. She procided to say it three more time. Needless to say we had over an hour before the wedding started. No one had arriving but it had to be moved that second and I told her I will move it. She continued to go on which made me a little bit more agitated. That was the breaker I have had my fill of people in their racest, ignorant, discriminative selves. Whatever they want to call it.

This weekend has taught that no matter racism is still out there. I will fight it with love and pray for those.