He does not expect anything but my best.

Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart
7 Nov 2012

In recent days and months many things have pulled me. The choice to move closer to my family, leaving my friends, uplift the life our kids have known since birth and a church that we love. I never excepted this journey to be easy. My oh my has this journey been harder then our journey of adoption.

During this journey I found that as a mom you have to protect your kids. It has even gotten me to a place of anger and tears. I have been accused of not caring about people’s feelings, not wanting to be there friends and much more. Even hurtful things have been said, many I don’t think they even care how they effect others. I let it effect me in a negative way. One thing is true is that change is happening and some my not like it.

As we enter into 2013 with an unknown future. I know one thing for sure. I serve a God that loves me for me. He does not expect anything but my best. He promises to protect my children and me. Most of all he is the on that I have to answer to when all is said and done.