Lets just say I am a work in progress

Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart
18 Oct 2012

Anyone that knows the true me, knows that asking for help is not like me. In the last few months I have been struggling to understand the feelings and emotions that keep flooding my soul. It is not something I normally feel. God is doing something, he is opening my heart and eyes to things I never saw before. My heart is ready to leap and act on the burning desires that keep me up at night.

To make Gods desires mine I will need help and much more. With Him the sky is the limit. I know that God gave me the desire to love and care for special needs children. Now I am blessed beyond words. I know that this is His will for my life, I don’t want anything less then His will. One of the big things that needs to change is being able to ask for help and not feeling as guilty. There are several other things God is working on. Lets just say I am a work in progress. I would love if you my reader would keep me in your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers.