Prayers of my Heart

Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart
28 May 2013

I have been blessed In many mighty ways. Miracles can happen more then once in a lifetime. My life has been blessed to have given birth and given birth in my heart. I pray both my girls would know the love I have for them.

Prayer for our birth mom.
I pray that our life would be love to the women that birthed Gracelyn. That she never feel that her choice to give life was in vain. I pray she knows that Gracelyn’s Schizencephaly is not her fault.

Prayer for Ava.
I pray that Ava would grow to be a women of God. That she would chase after the dreams that our Heavenly Father dreams for you. I pray that she know the depth of the love I have for her. I also pray protection over her.

Prayer for Gracelyn.
I pray that God would give you the strength to overcome the hurdles that might face you. I also pray you might prove the Medical professionals that a diagnosis is just that. I also dream that God would use your life to His glory.