Question I can Answer.

Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart, Schizencephaly Awareness
3 Jan 2015

There are many crossroads in our lives. Some are easier then others. Personally I have been struggling with some feelings that have surfaced since hurting my back on Dec 26. I know I should not care about these feelings. Since moving to Colorado I have struggled with feelings that I have done something wrong. Done something to be treated as less. We moved to Colorado to get more help with the girls so that we could have time as a couple. Also known in the special needs word as respite. Joshua and I are learning to work without help.

We went to Texas for Christmas. We stayed active, even with my back pain. Joshua’s mom asked if the girls could spend one night once papa was back form camp. I made the mistake of telling both girls that they where going to Granny and papas for the night. I even packed both girls cloths. Then suddenly Ava was only going because Desi was staying over too. Desi is Joshua’s sisters little girl who lives 35 minutes away from his parents. Joshua’s Granny, dad, mom, came for New Year’s Day black eye peas and cabbage at his sisters. My saving grace to the sleep over issue was that Great Granny snuggled Gracelyn till she fall asleep. Then it made Ava leaving for the night easy.

I keep coming back to Why are people afraid of helping with Gracelyn?
schizencephaly and being adopted does not she is less important.