Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart
3 Mar 2012

Finding those needed words to explain the tears. Really should be the question that needs an answer. The problems finding the right words to use. (Ava is 4 and asking is Gracelyn going to be ok?)

In the last few days, Ava seems to think that with every tear that falls from my eyes can be fixed. The problem is that no earthly man can fix the tears. Extra kisses and hugs don’t fix it. They sure help. Ultimately God has to become the fixer of my tears, pain and frustration.

In the last weeks the maker of the Lilly’s and stars in the sky, has been tugging on me. He keeps rocking me to the core. It is if he wants to remold me once again. I really want him to bring me up and mold me in his image. The hard part is not letting the things of this word sabotage the path he has for me.

With every new hurdle in this game of life. I will pick my legs up a little higher and leap over. I may fall a few times in life. But the comfort of knowing I serve a God that is willing to pick me up and give me a NEW start. Is worth running the race.

Please know that Christ is the one I want running this race with me. People can support and cheer me on. I need everyone the one that picks me up, the supporter and the cheerleader. No one is made to walk a lone.