What were we thinking?

Lisa Lee | From a Mommy's Heart
6 Jul 2012

Sometimes you feel you are making the best choices for your family. Then other times you wonder what where we thinking?

The last month has been one of those “What where we thinking times?”. We left everything to move closer to my family. Friends, church and even our first home. I felt knowing things would not be easy. But I never imagined that I would feel so out of place. Even want to just forget it all and go back. With everyday that I struggle to be me in this new place. I also see the joy that this move has brought to the girls and Joshua. It is hard to knowing that my parents are putting home improvement jobs on hold because of us living here in there home. In the most recent days I have been trying hard to find places for our things that we use daily. Trying hard to keep the upstairs of my parents house clutter free of our things. The small things still seem to be making tension.

Today make 3 months that we have been invading my parents space. The house in Texas has also been on the market. We have had one offer that was $17k under asking. Since that offer we have had many lookers. So tonight we dropped the price. It is the bottom price we can go. If the home does not sale at that price I really want to go home. Leasing scares me.

At the end of the month the big decision on what to do for school for Ava is going to have to be made. I really want to be in Denver settled or back in Texas. I am already feeling the strain of going to Denver for appointments for the girls. Not to mention that I need to figure out dr for myself. Something has to give soon.

Thanks for letting me rant.