Learning to be content

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Funds, Welcome
30 Nov 2011

As a mom I am learning to be content in the moment. I enjoy the good and bad moments as a mom. My heart longs for my house to be filled with the sounds of children. Since completing our adoption of Gracelyn we have been giving the chance to enter the journey of adoption. If it had been my way we would say yes to every child. I know that though God all the needed funds to adopt will come in if it is the right child for us.

We our strong believers that you can’t be pro-life and not fully act it. This does not mean every person has to adopt. It does mean that you need to be welling to open your heart and give to the families that willing to bring them into their homes. The family’s that are adopting are going to need love and support.

Joshua and I are walking in faith that God will open the doors and provide the means for us to adopt a child with special needs. We need your help.

Ways you can help:
1. We will need to finish raising the adoption fees needed to complete the process. ( donations can be given thought our donation button. We will be giving ALL profits from orders thought Create Life Boutique).
2. Prayer that God will continue guiding us.

The first of many fundraisers will be on December 31, 2011 from 9am – 3pm. It is a yard sale. We will have china, camcorder, clothes and much more. The details of further fundraisers are in the works.