Postponement of Benefit Luncheon

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Funds
20 Feb 2011

First I want to THANK everyone for your continuous prayer and contributions.

This is the final week we have to raise the remainder of the money for the adoption. We are proclaiming that we will receive the remaining funds by the time we leave to bring BABY LEE home. God’s hand has been in this entire process since the beginning.

As some of you know, we are expecting to receive news that Baby LEE either was already born or will be born sometime this week. This means that will be heading to North Carolina as early as next week which conflicts with the March 6th date of the Benefit Luncheon. We hope to reschedule a new date soon and turn the Benefit Luncheon into a Homecoming Celebration for Baby LEE.

Please continue to  partner with us and contribute even as little as a cup of coffee ($5.00) to help us reach our goal.