What is a Dream?

Lisa Lee | Adoption, Funds
6 Jan 2011

What better Question to ask as we start  a New Year.  Is your Dream to have children?  Travel the world?  Being debit Free?  Live Closer to Family?  No matter your Dream you can make a dream a reality.  For us, that Dream is to give a Child a FOREVER home.  At times, this dream has seem to be out of reach.  We placed it to the side but never let it die.  The dream of a second Child became the subject of our dreams once again in 2009.  Unfortunately, we did not see an answer to the big Question; how will we pay all the Adoption fees.

We never let the dream go to the side because we know that this dream was to become more than a Dream.  Walking out this dream has been filled with ups and downs though every emotion in the end will be worth everything.

We ask that you become a partner in this Dream.   The Time is NOW for Us to finish being Funded for the ADOPTION of Baby Lee.  We Do not know the Child GOD has For us yet.  Joshua and I know that God Promises for his Children are not void.   Join us and help Reaching the Goal of raising $15,000.00 to complete our adoption fees.

Share your Dreams So we can Pray for you.

God Bless

Joshua, Lisa and Ava Lee.