Why I choose Isagenix

Lisa Lee | Isagenix, Jamberry
10 May 2014

In January I went to the doctor and was told that if we did not get my Glucose levels under control I would not make it to see my Six year olds Graduation. I was told to get rid of all stress. That is not possible with two kids and one of them being Special needs. I had tried all the medicine safe for someone not needing to loose weight and nothing was working. In Febuary my doctor had me wear a glucose monitor for 5 days. It took my glucose readings every 5 minutes. During that 5 days my blood sugar was between 178- 298.

Since moving to Colorado I also have been struggling with depression. There have been times I have just wanted to stay in bed. If I had to go out I had gotten so good at faking I was ok at people would even make comments about you are so strong to deal with all you do. The way I felt about myself was effecting my kids and husband. I truly only saw one reason to fight everyday. That was for my kids. Having all the issues with my blood sugar did not help.

I know that something had to be done. I had to find a way to be happy and healthy. I found Jamberry Nails and found joy in helping others again. Jamberry has brought Joy. The question still remained. How do I lower and control my diabetes? I don’t need to loose weight. That’s when I turned to a friend to find out more about Isagenix. It took me some courage to talk to Joshua since the money was an issue. Back on April 28th Joshua signed us up to start the Isagenix Challenge. For him it was to tone and loose some weight. Which we will touch on later. For me it was all about my diabetes. In about 8 days I have not had one reading over 230. That reading was 2 hour after a meal. The hot flashes and nights sweats have stopped.

I am replacing one meal with a IsoLean shake daily. I have changed my eating habits even more. I had started drinking ice tea, Want more Energy?, and water. I will be adding IsoLean bars and IsaDelight Plus to help when needing something sweet. I will make it to Ava’s Graduation.